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Born In Paper Workshops

Born In Paper Workshops
Born in Paper offers workshops to educate, delight and inspire you. Learn how to turn used paper into beautiful new creations in a creative workshop. Workshops make the perfect get-together, whether it be friends, workmates or family (mother-daughter workshops are a real delight). We can also tailor the perfect group experience. Born In Paper will come to your home, art or craft group, or run workshops at your special event. The cost of $160 is based on two people, add $50 for each additional person up to a maximum of 6 people per workshop.


Offering beautiful, sustainable and hand-made paper products by recycling office waste with raw cotton in the hills of Byron Bay. Susan shares her knowledge and passion to help you to put your own stamp of creativity into the paper through her workshops. 

There are a range of papers that are made including seeded paper, card or letter writing stock, invitations, stationery, and cherished hand-bound note books and journals.

​Susan is inspired to share the love of paper making with you. Book a workshop for the children, a group of ladies or anyone that wishes to learn, be create and have fun!


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