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Byron Bay Cacao - Handcrafted Gourmet Chocolates

Byron Bay Cacao - Handcrafted Gourmet Chocolates


Ballina's very own handcrafted gourmet chocolates! Your taste buds will go into overload, as you you will be spoilt for choice from the delectable range of chocolates available. The new factory and retail space is now open for business.

Pop in and grab a Toby's Estate coffee or an amazing chai, while you watch the chocolatier in action, from the large glass viewing window. Ensure you remember to purchase enough to take some home!

Private, Group or Business Classes available!

This a fun, hands-on class packed full of tastings and the creation of your own handcrafted chcoclate box.

Guests are greeted with a warm cup of brewing cacao before diving straight into the tastings. First up, explore couveture and compound chocolate, next indulge in a tasting where particpants are invited to discover the elements in a selection of soft-centred chocolate bonbons. 

The last tasting is of the dragees and then it's time to get a little messy. Each guest hand-makes and garnishes six-soft-centered chocolates. A selection of Byron Bay Cacao products are available to purchase at the end of the session.

Your experience includes:

  • Brewing Cacao
  • 1x handmade variety box
  • Dark, milk and white couverture chocolate tasting
  • Bean to bar demonstration & tasting
  • Chocolate bonbon tasting
  • Chocolate dragees tasting
  • Their own handmade chocolate box of six soft-centered chocolate bonbons

Chocolate history & process: A brief discussion of the history of chocolate and the bean to bar process.

Education: Exploring the difference between tempered and untempered chocolate, couverture and compaound chocolate, and truffles and parlines. Learn about problems that affect chocolate and how to care for it correctly.

Questions and Feedback: To close the session, we have a group discussion where guests will be invited to ask any questions and give feedback on the class.

These workshops are best for groups under 20 pax.

For more information or to touch bse with Rich visit Byron Bay Cacao

Byron Bay Cacao Chocolate Making Experience


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