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Lennox Head main street

Ballina Shire Council has been successful in securing $995,905 in funding under the NSW government’s Your High Street grant program. The funding received from this grant will enable completion of priority works identified in the Lennox Village Vision concept plan for Ballina Street, in time for Lennox Head’s centenary celebrations scheduled for December 2022.

The priority works in Ballina Street include:

  • Undergrounding of electricity over the entire street (approximately 435 lineal metres) for improved amenity and tree planting opportunities;
  • New street lighting infrastructure for improved safety, designed to enable viewing of the night sky from open spaces;
  • 100% of the footpath pavements in Ballina Street replaced and complying to accessibility standards;
  • New wider footpaths including 48 lineal metres (at full width) of level pavement in 4 places where pedestrians can cross Ballina Street safely and 52 lineal metres of 10km/hr shared zone in Rayner Lane;
  • Reduced speed limits to 30 km/hr or less for improved pedestrian safety;
  • Over 100 lineal metres of seating in Ballina Street alone with additional seating and amenities in open space areas;
  • Approximately 60 new street trees and improved shade and cooling of the street with a goal to achieve 30% canopy cover in Ballina Street (a challenge in a coastally exposed setting);
  • Upgrading bus facilities to keep visitors in the village heart;
  • Footpath "pop-outs" and widening including furniture to provide more space for accidental meetings and social exchange (to encourage people to stay longer and build social resilience);
  • Additional accessible car spaces in key locations, and
  • A variety of community art projects undertaken through further community engagement.

We look forward to welcoming more visitors to the region to enjoy our main streets. 

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