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Adventure Cycling Strategy

The Adventure Cycling Strategy is a commitment to grow adventure cycling experiences in NSW.

The Adventure Cycling Strategy outlines the Government’s priorities to support the industry to grow in collaboration with local government, clubs, businesses and the broader community.

Adventure cycling encompasses several different styles of cycling using infrastructure other than roads and bike paths. Adventure cycling includes mountain biking, BMX and gravel riding for recreation, leisure or competition.

Over the last decade, there has been increased participation in adventure cycling by riders of all ages and abilities, and this has created a significant opportunity for investment in the industry to stimulate local economies and bring communities together.

The NSW Government is committed to making NSW the home of Australia’s premier adventure cycling destinations, capitalising on the diverse natural beauty across the state to strengthen our visitor economies and support community health, connection and wellbeing.

The strategy aims to strengthen the visitor economy at adventure cycling destinations across our regions while also increasing access to tracks and trails for local communities.

Read about the strategy HERE

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