Discover Ballina - Tourism Partnership Opportunities for the Gidjuum Gulganyi Walk
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 Gidjuum Gulganyi Walk

NSW National Parks and Wildlife are seeking Innovative and unique tourism offerings to complement and enhance the Gidjuum Gulganyi Walk experience.

With significant investment by the NSW Government in creating nature-based recreational facilities and experiences in NSW national parks, there are exciting opportunities for tourism businesses to reimagine the visitor experience, capitalise on, and create products that help visitors nurture and engage with our unique cultural landscapes.

 Tourism offerings include (but are not limited to):
• creating and delivering iconic and world-class sustainable visitor experiences, including short and multi-day walks
• developing innovative nature-based tourism experiences that build high-quality, memorable connections with the natural environment and cultural landscapes
• delivering tourism experiences that enable Aboriginal people to deliver cultural interpretation to create a deeper appreciation of their culture and perspectives
• creating opportunities to partner and package with other tourism service providers to add value and enhance the overall visitor experience
• providing opportunities to explore plants, animals, geology and history.

Read more about the walk, facilities and access, types of commercial partnership opportunities availble and the evaluation criteria in the Gidjuum Gulganyi Walk Prospectus HERE

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