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Creative Artisans Gallery

Creative Artisans Gallery
Creative Artisans Gallery is all original work with most of the items such as the jewellery, woodwork and silk, being one-off designs. The gallery aims to showcase original creations and artwork from local artists and artisans.


The Gallery is owned by a local woman who has lived and working in the shire for many years. Artwork that is purchased from the Gallery ensures an income for local artists, artisans and local suppliers - creating jobs within our community. The Northern Rivers area has many talented people who may not have the opportunity to have their work presented for sale on an ongoing basis, with exhibitions that may last from a couple of days to a month or so.
The Gallery also holds various workshops and classes in arts and crafts throughout the year, please contact the Gallery for further information.

The Creative Artisans Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3.30 pm and Saturday 9:30am-12pm, at other times by appointment. The gallery shops 1 & 2 are located in Wigmore Arcade, River Street, Ballina. It is with great excitment we have now acheived an up and running website with the ability to purchase online via

If you have any questions regarding any of the works in the gallery shops please contact Pauline on 0435 941 591 or email info@creative

May 2022 Artist of the Month

Featured artist for the month of May ... Penny Levett - Watercolour is her impressive talent

Penny Levett has recently moved to Clarence Valley, after residing in The Southern Highlands NSW for 20 years. A qualified Graphic Designer, Penny took on the challenges and joys of working hands on with watercolour and mixed media late in life. Colour, shape, and texture inspire her the most and determine her choice of subject, composition and medium. Travel, photography, and keen observation play a role in her creative process. Penny’s background has instilled a need to represent detail, highlighted by drawing skills, use of stylisation or pattern and sometimes ‘pen & ink’ techniques.


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