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Jingi Wahla Reconciliation Tunnel

Underpass Tunnel, Beachfront Parade, East Ballina 2478, NSW, Australia 02 6619 1019
Jingi Wahla Reconciliation Tunnel


Aboriginal sites represent a spiritual reality - a strong link that joins individuals to ancestors, mythology and dreaming. Sites are the place from which each person came and to which their spirit returns after death.

Murals in the Jingi Wahla tunnel tell the story of the Three Brothers - Yarbirri, Mamoom and Burrung who were the ancestral founders of the Bundjalung Nation. For the full story please see the plaque on the wall at each entrance or collect a brochure from the Ballina Visitor Information Centre.

Designed and painted in 2004 by Bungjalung artists Susan Anderson, Vivienne Simpson, Priscilla Sutor and Stephen Sutor

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