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Every drop countsOur bulk water supplier, Rous County Council introduced Level 1 Water Restrictions as of Saturday 7 December. These restrictions apply to the council areas of Ballina (including Wardell and Meerschaum Vale), Byron, Lismore, and Richmond Valley (excluding land to the west of Coraki).

The towns of Mullumbimby and Casino are currently on Level 3 water restrictions and Nimbin is on Level 2 water restrictions. Varying restrictions apply in the region due to different water sources for these areas.
Restrictions have been introduced early in response to high water usage by the community, low inflows into the region’s main dam at Rocky Creek and a dry outlook for summer.

Level 1 water saving measures for residential urban and rural premises include:

• no watering of established lawns

• no water play tools, toys and slides

• fitting all hand-held hoses with on/off trigger nozzles

• watering established gardens is permitted with hand-held hoses for one hour every second day, between 4.00pm and 9.00am on odd or even days of the month to match the house numbering system

• topping up swimming pools is permitted between 4.00pm and 9.00am using a hand-held hose

• washing cars with hand-held hoses is permitted between 4.00pm and 9.00am on odd or even days of the month to match the house numbering system.

The full list of water saving measures, including those for public facilities and business, is available as a download here (under ‘Quick Links’):, or for the full Drought Management Plan, please refer here (restrictions table is on page 52)

In implementing restrictions, Rous County Council aims to reduce the community’s water use by 5% over the next two weeks. Northern rivers residents use 194 litres of water each day on average. A 5% reduction is less than 10 litres per person each day if everyone follows the water saving measures.
If this reduction in consumption does not occur and there is no significant rainfall before Christmas, Rous is likely to implement Level 2 Water Restrictions.
It’s important to note, water restrictions do not apply to our recycled water service. However, all water is precious and we are encouraging recycled water users to be mindful of their consumption.
Council have set up an internal water restriction working group that includes staff from water and wastewater, compliance, communications, water billing, open spaces and engineering works. They will be meeting each fortnight this water restriction period.
Please refer to or direct enquiries to Councils Water and Wastewater Section.

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