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Lifeworks Pilates

Lifeworks Pilates
Lifeworks Pilates offer bespoke wellness programs proven to boost morale, improve health and make your team feel great!


Pilates is for every BODY, from young to old, beginner to athlete. Pilates promotes strength, muscle tone, balance and flexibility. The aim is to bring your body back into correct alignment and strengthen all the stabilising muscles to enable you to move your body more efficiently, release tension and help with pain relief.

Pilates is great for desk bound staff whose posture is compromised often causing neck, back and hip pain. Its a low risk activity that helps prevent physical ailments and teaches you how to breath as well as the importance of moving more.

All the instructors are comprehensively trained usually with a background in Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy or Nursing. Every client receives individual attention and each exercise can be modified according to the person’s abilities.

All classes go for an hour with a maximum of 15-20 in the group to enable them to correct and keep an eye on everyone. They supply all mats and use a variety of small props such as foam rollers, bands and chi balls to add challenge and help activate the correct core muscles. They also offer private sessions that include assessment and a tailored program to address any needs. 

For more information visit Lifeworks Pilates or to speak Alison phone 0415 784 214


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