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In 2016, Ballina Shire Council identified the need for a reinvigoration of its public spaces.

After ten years of displaying the same community-based flags and banners throughout the region, the time was ripe for a fresh new representation of both Ballina Shire’s heritage, and vision for the future.

Celebrated, multi-skilled local artist Rachel Stone developed six beautiful, unique images, in consultation with local communities to display throughout the region, specifically in the locations of Ballina, Wardell, Lennox Head, and Alstonville.

Rachel worked with local schools and community groups to produce a range of designs that reflect the fond memories locals have of their towns, and the images they most associate with the area, with a strong focus on the natural environment.

The result is a vibrant, diverse series of imagery displayed throughout the Ballina Shire, in both banner and flag form.

These flags and banners represent the towns they are located in, and offer a beautification of public spaces, as well as a colourful welcome to visitors to the area.

During your visit through our beautiful region, keep an eye out for these lovely pieces of art, and learn what they represent for the Ballina Shire and its people.

The quotes you read accompanying each image are from the artist Rachel Stone.


Click an image below to view the pdf map for each of the locations, and learn more about the meaning behind each work:

  • Design 4 Lennox Banner P1
  • Lennox Head

  • Design 5 Bridges Banner LowRes
  • Central Ballina

  • Design 6 Angels Banner LowRes V2
  • East Ballina

  • Design 3 Wardell Banner LowRes
  • Wardell

  • Design 2 Alstonville Banner LowRes
  • Alstonville

  • Design 1 RiverSt Flag LowRes
  • River Street, Ballina

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