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Surf Getaways

Surf Getaways
our mission is to inspire and empower women to reach their full potential through surfing


Surf Getaways was created by one of Australia’s most accomplished and accredited female surf coaches, Serena Adams and Belinda Bradford an avid traveler, surfer, and experienced commercial marketer and entrepreneur. Their aim was to make surfing accessible for women of any age.Together they began to develop a concept of introducing as many women as possible to the joys of travel and surfing. They wanted to develop a unique environment to teach and coach women to surf. The surf tours they have developed focus on introducing women to surfing and the ocean for the first time as well as coaching advanced surfers towards achieving their next milestone. They know they could do this by combining their unique coaching program with ‘bucket list’ surfing destinations that have previously been out of reach for anyone but the experienced surfer and traveler.With Surf Getaways, you will not only be supported in improving your surf skills, fitness and confidence, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a unique travel experience to some of the most pristine ocean environments on earth.


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