Discover Ballina - Revenue Streams Beyond Sponsorship & Grants Masterclass
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Build New Revenue StreamsIn this Masterclass you will learn how to develop new income streams for your event

Explore the fundamentals of event finances, and discuss revenue streams and opportunities for events to become self-sustaining and commercially viable

If your event is dependent on grants and sponsorship then this masterclass is for you.

Topics include

  • How to start fundraising when you have no time or human resources

  • How to assess which fundraising method is best for your event

  • How to get set up to receive tax deductible donations

  • How to set up, grow, and engage a database for fundraising

  • How to tell your story – how to calculate the impact of your event, and communicate that in a pitch to media and sponsors

  • When and how to use crowdfunding

  • How to run a social media campaign

  • How to write a great grant application

  • How to identify the right potential sponsors for your event

  • How to start a conversation about business sponsorship (and how to seal it)

  • How to develop a sponsorship proposal

  • How to service a sponsor

Monday16 November 2020
12:00 - 1:00PM 

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