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The Dark Sublime

Sunday, 13 October 2019



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Intricate and far-reaching networks of communication and exchange occur beneath our feet. Worlds of relationship, chatter, barter and life, hidden in the dark cavities of soil under our
lawns and roads. Invisible to the eye, like love and fear, the inter-woven ecosystems in our forests and the natural world, echo the unseen connections that bind us all.

The Dark Sublime, is an ode to the shadowed beauty and crucial relevance of forests and what lies beneath the surface.

Emma Walker is a Northern Rivers based artist. Her abstracted landscapes are multi-layered, and as much about the medium of paint and the process of painting as with an experience of nature. They explore the connections between the natural world, memory and the subconscious through texture and the interplay of light and dark.

Her work features in several major public and corporate collections and in private collections in Australia, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and The United States.


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