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The Ballina Tourism Team aim to drive demand for tour and activity operators by encouraging Australians to donate experience gift vouchers for Northern Rivers flood affected people. These gift vouchers would enable flood affected people to take a break and enjoy an experience.

"The idea is for flood affected people to enjoy a moment away from the clean up and the day to day pressures of the real world", said Ms. Wallace Council's Team Leader Visitor Services.

Those helping with flood recovery may also like to purchase an experience voucher for someone they have seen working hard during the clean up.

This initiative also aims to stimulate the tours and activities sector whose livelihoods are disrupted once again. With limited accommodation supply available for visitors to stay and enjoy experiences, tour and activity operators are suffering flow on impacts. We want to ensure these businesses survive and are still here once visitors return to the region.

For now people can select an experience operator of their choice from the destination website and ask to purchase a gift voucher, then donate the gift voucher to a person or family that has been impacted by the floods.
Ballina Tourism Team is looking for a charity organisation to partner with so that people across the nation can donate to the #AMomentAway program and provide support for people to take a break, even if just for a moment. 

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Local tourism businesses are encouraged to use the hashtags #AMomentAway and #DonateAMomentAway in their social media posts for resharing. 

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