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Hoops, Thighs and Buttocks

Hoops, Thighs and Buttocks
Werq. It. Out! Let's get physical! Hula hooping and retro dance workshops for any group and any occasion. Inject some fun into your work conference.


Build the best workplace you can with one of our Motivating and Hilarious team-building workshops.

Give your employees the werk environment they have always wanted with our unique, fun and motivating workshops.

There’s no better way to:

  • Boost morale
  • Improve employee job satisfaction
  • Promote a healthy and happy workplace
  • Transform your workplace into a retro fitness dream

Let’s get physical!

Choose from:

  • Hula Hooping
  • 80’s Dance
  • 90’s Hip-Hop
  • Booty Camp (combines all the above)

Included in Booty Camp is our popular and hilarious ‘Middle Age Spreadsheet: Aerobic Workout’, an office-inspired aerobic workout created by fitness fanatic Jane Fondle. We cater the workout specifically to your industry with moves such as the ‘swivel chair’ and ‘dodging the boss’. It’s accessible for all fitness levels. Every office needs this!

Have a giggle as you try to spin a hula hoop or bust out your favourite 80’s dance moves whilst wearing an epic mullet wig.

Prices start from $597 and include a hula hoop to keep so your team can Werq.It.Out in the office every day.

Let ‘Team Werq It’ take care of bizness!

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