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Well known touring motorcyclist and contributing editor Peter Thoeming The Bear is coming to the Ballina Coast and Hinterland for a mid-week stop over arriving on Tuesday 2 March, staying through until departure on Saturday 6 March 2021. Peter, The Bear is a contributing writer for Australian Motorcyclist Magazine, (adventure rider), Lonely Planet and

The Bear has done a bit of riding, all over the world including a trip right around it! If there is one place that keeps calling him back for a ride it’s the hills and valleys around the Ballina Coast & Hinterland and Northern Rivers of NSW.

You see Peter’s mother lived in Ballina and visiting her introduced Peter to the brilliant touring roads and scenic sights around the region. Of course it is not just the roads but the picturesque villages and communities that holds it all together.

Peter’s audience includes 11,000 subscribers to the monthly Australian Motorcyclist Magazine. The audience is typically the touring motorcycle rider, you know the ones who take it leisurely and enjoying stopping for a coffee and lunch along the way. The type who organise the charity rides and give away stuffed toys at Christmas time.

Ballina Tourism Team is seeking tourism operators willing to host Peter The Bear over his short stay in the region during the first week of March 2021.

For those wishing to participate please contact Alicia Wallace on 02 66810511 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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