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Dreamland - NORPAS new theatre work

Thursday, 08 December 2016

Time: 8pm


The NORPA creative team behind Railway Wonderland have made a new show set in the intimate surrounds of Eureka hall in the Byron hinterland.

Dreamland is a dreamscape of life in regional Australia. A newbie wanting to hire the hall interrupts the ubiquitous late night committee meeting. A crash course in local history involves multiple axes and an unexpected lesson – with another man – in the virtues of partner dancing!

Transporting us through different waves of settlement, from the traditional to hippy-dippy to tree-changers, Dreamland explores how communities adapt to change and renew themselves. Part shamanic ritual, part long night of the soul, Dreamland questions what it is to live in a community today – and answers with laughter.

Told through physical theatre, song, dance and humour it is a celebration of the dance of life in all its mystery.

Saturday matinees at 4.30pm


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