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Northern Rivers Community Gallery Exhibitions

Friday, 16 August 2019

Time: 10am - 4pm


Northern Rivers Community Gallery (NRCG) Ballina launches four exciting new exhibitions this
month and welcomes community and visitors to join us in the Gallery.
FLIPSIDE | Diana Miller
Originally from Cape Town and now a local Byron Bay artist, Diana recently completed her studies
at the Byron School of Art where she was the recipient of the Northern Rivers Community Gallery
sponsored Graduate Award in 2018.
Flipside makes reference to the parts of things that we don’t always see or pay attention to, like the
back of a book, or the underside of an object. From this more obscure starting point Diana began
her investigation, finding shapes to play off against each other – looking at things in reverse, as
opposites or mirrored, attempting to find new solutions and outcomes by flipping her practice and
attempting alternate approaches, techniques and mediums.
The show is a discovery through experimentation, with a strong focus on graphic forms, shapemaking
and abstraction, utilising a limited palette and unified smaller image size. Working with
collage on paper and some paintings, Diana’s artworks are graphic, bold and sometimes minimal,
emphasising her shift in direction since attending art school.

Elemental | Jacqui and Sam Sosnowski
Sam Sosnowski's Mokulito prints, explore the animism of the natural world and pay homage to the
elements of Earth, Wind and Water. The Mokulito process - a cross between wood block and
lithographic printing, allows for the textural dynamism of the plywood substrate to energize the
Jacqui's raku ceramics - themselves the obvious product of the elements Earth and Fire - have an
ancient and primal feel. The form of the vessels are reminiscent of Greek Amphorae and the
pattern of cracks caused by "carbon stenciling" make them appear like precious relics recently
unearthed. Fired in a dramatic way - taken from the kiln while red hot and then plunged into
sawdust and then water, they carry the thermal energy of the process on their surface.
Sam's prints and Jacqui's ceramics are elemental in their process as well as their aesthetic.

First Light, Last Light | Sharon McIlwain
Sharon McIlwain’s current body of work First Light, Last Light explores the space between dawn
and sunrise, and between sunset and dusk - a time of mystery, beauty and the sublime.
The exhibition investigates the ambiguity of time, of having a sense of time being paused or frozen
momentarily. Reduced light at the beginning and end of the day produces the subtle muted tones
and soft lines in her paintings, evoking a sense of stillness and quiet.
Sharon grew up in the Northern Rivers region and continues to live here with her family while
pursuing a full time art practice having completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts.

NESTS | Kirsten Ingemar
Kirsten Ingemar’s NESTS are plant imprints on cloth and paper. They explore places of nurturing,
nourishment and the potential for expansion and transformation. Kirsten is interested in the way
memories can be held in cloth. In recent years her work has been a deepening of her exploration
and understanding of home, as well as exploring the plant imprints in a new way. The nests grew
initially from this ongoing interest in the notion of home and a wish to use the plant material for
more abstract imagery.
The actual ‘nest-making materials’ are imprinted onto cloth or paper and bring new life to
seemingly insignificant or discarded bits of plant material.
“I love the process of plant dyeing and leaf imprinting, the collecting of plant material in a given
place, the extracting of dyes and imprints, and recording it in the cloth. There is a magic to the
process due to the element of serendipity involved. I gather the leaves, perform the tasks required
and bring my intentions to the mix, after which I have to let go and let the alchemy of the dye pots
take over. In a sense, I just set the scene for the mystery to unfold.” – Kirsten Ingemar

All exhibitions open Wednesday 3 July and continue until Sunday 25 August 2019. The official
launch event is Thursday 4 July from 5.30pm – 7.30pm and all are welcome to attend.

The Northern Rivers Community Gallery is located at 44 Cherry Street Ballina and is open
Wednesday to Friday from 10am until 4pm and weekends from 9.30am until 2.30pm.
For further information contact the Gallery on telephone 02 6681 6167.

Image: Diana Miller, Underover, 2019


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