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Chesta Drawz and the LowBoys

Tuesday, 12 November 2019



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Chesta Drawz and the LowBoys have built a strong following in the local area with a string of hits over the past three decades and are back for their first show in almost three years. Drawing from a wide range of international influences, including classical, baroque, folk and contemporary, this show promises to take things to the next level.

The main feature will no doubt be the debut of the highly polished epic ‘Jubilee House (This Old House)’, and is bound to delight audiences young and old. Other new releases include ‘Tounge and Groove’, ‘Ebony and Ivory’, ‘Norwegian Wood’, ‘Sandpaper Roses’ and ‘If I had a Hammer’.

Chesta Drawz and the LowBoys stars none other than our hometown legend Geoff Hannah, arguably Australia’s best and most loved master of the genre and unparalleled in the world today. He will be accompanied by his highly accomplished band members; Colin Fardon, Barbara Riordan, Jan Page, Sue Eagan, Ted Slattery, Lucille Stace, Rick Stewart, Sally Bates, Brian Emery, Darren Shaw, Rob Hurford, Brian Henry, Greg Foster, Paul Amour, Francesco Stassi, Gary Shallala-Hudson, Paul Laird, Wendy Laird, Paul Frangos, David Gilmore, Paul Tiernan, Carla McGuire, Marek Sojka, Tom Scarabellotti, Mike Evens and Rick Billson.


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