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Online travel planning is one of the fast growing uses of the internet, with a high proportion of consumers booking accommodation and tours online. Consumers now expect to be able to book and pay for travel products instantly, at the click of a mouse.

Are you instantly bookable on If you already sell through any other online distribution channel, then ensure you also list your tourism product as instantly bookable on Take a look here for an example of how this works. 

You can’t afford not to have an instantly bookable presence. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Let’s say you are a busy working parent and you want to escape for the weekend. You’ve finished work, collected the kids, taken them to their sporting games, cooked dinner, the kids are in bed, and now finally, you have 30 minutes to yourself.

You sit down to search for accommodation online. You find an apartment that looks fantastic, but just as you are about to book and pay with your credit card, you discover there’s no real-time online booking function. Tomorrow is already busy and you want a booking confirmed and paid for tonight, or you will never get an escape away, so you hurriedly click back to the search results and select another self-contained property. Lucky for the consumer, this one does have instantly bookable rooms and, in a matter of minutes, you have checked availability, cost, and have made a booking and paid for it securely with a credit card. Not so lucky for the accommodation provider who was not instantly bookable though, they’ve just missed a sale without even knowing it!

Ballina Coast & Hinterland businesses can list their tourism products and services (i.e. accommodation, tours, activities and tickets, meal packages, etc.) as instantly bookable on the destination website Check your listing to make sure you are gold and consumers can book with you instantly. For further details on the online reservation system click here.

If you are bookable through the destination website, please ensure the product offering is current and correct. 

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