Discover Ballina - Placemaking Flags, Banners and Public Art
Plan your Ballina Coast and Hinterland escapeā€¦
Image of Barbarra artwork by Indigenous artist Marcus Ferguson at Ballina BP refueling canopy

Babarra is title of the artwork by Indigenous artist Marcus Ferguson commissioned by Transport for NSW and on public display at the Ballina BP Travel Centre, West Ballina.

River Street Flags in Ballina

Look out for: seven flags between Cherry and Moon streets

The artist, Rachel Stone said the inspiration for this design came from stories that the children and elders told at the community engagement day at Ballina Public School - stories of beautiful blue seawater, rolling waves and glorious sunshine.

Alstonville Banners

Look out for: Nine banners in Main Street, Alstonville.

Research from local archives found that Alstonville was once known by the delightful name of Duck Creek Mountain.

Banners at Angel Beach East Ballina

Look out for: Two banners on the Coast Road at East Ballina

The inspiration for this design came from the poetically beautiful name Angels Beach. 

Banners decorating the bridges in Ballina

Look out for: Six banners, Canal Bridge (North-bound), Fishery Creek Bridge (South-bound), Kerr & Swift Streets (intersection)

Rachel Stone said "Fishing is the lifeblood of Ballina Township. For this flag design, I wanted to capture a dreamlike feeling of life underwater, by representing the colourful diversity of marine life."

Wardell Banners

Look out for: Two banners, Richmond Street in Wardell

Local elders in Empire Vale and Wardell shared wonderful stories of sugar cane, interwoven with stories of sweet love and inter-generational family farming.

Lennox Head Banners

Look out for: two banners, Coast road (north bound), Lennox Head

Lennox locals reported in interviews that that they enjoyed the wonderfully relaxed, low-key community vibe in Lennox.

Placemaking workshop with Ballina Primary School

In 2016, Ballina Shire Council identified the need for a reinvigoration of its public spaces.

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